The Art of Perfumery the Courses

The Merchant of Venice

At the historic Studium Bookshop, The Merchant of Venice offers the extraordinary opportunity to be “inaugurated” into the Venetian Art of Perfumery through exclusive courses and workshops aimed at bringing enthusiasts, connoisseurs or even simply curious to the fascinating world of perfume creation. Discover the Perfume Courses of The Merchant of Venice. Three courses for three unforgettable experiences to do in a group, as a couple or as a family. From the Olfactory Composition Laboratory, you will learn all the secrets of the Venetian Art of Perfumery. In the Love Atelier, there is a perfume course dedicated to couples. And, if you want to dream with the whole family, for you the course “The Fairy Tale and its Perfume” would be a fantastic interactive game that’s also designed for your children.

The Experience

An engaging sensory journey awaits you: you will learn about the fascinating Venetian history of perfume over the centuries, you will have a direct olfactory session with the most important natural and synthetic raw materials, you will learn everything about the different olfactory families, and you will have the chance to build the pyramid of a fragrance.

The Composition

Conducted step by step by our experts, at the end of this journey there will be the opportunity to compose a real personalized perfume, to take home together with the memory of a journey as fragrant as it is unique.

Olfactory Composition Laboratory

Olfactory Composition Laboratory

Ready to discover the secrets of Venetian Perfumery Art? Thanks to our perfume experts you can identify yourself as a Master Perfumer and thus create your personalized fragrance in a real olfactory laboratory. A unique and unforgettable experience in magical Venice!

Duration: 2 hours

Number of People: up to 12

Cost per person: € 150 (5-12 people: € 100)

Location: Libreria Studium, Venice

Love Atelier

Love Atelier, the perfume course for couples

Special lovers: an olfactory workshop entirely dedicated to couples. Love Atelier is the perfume course designed for all lovers looking for a unique experience. A perfect Valentine’s Day gift and an original idea to amaze your sweetheart on their birthday! 
Duration: 1 hours

People: maximum 2 couples

Cost per couple: € 200

Location: Libreria Studium, Venice

The Fairy Tale And Its Perfume

The Fairy Tale And Its ts Perfume, for the whole family

Family Special: An interactive game designed especially for both young and old. A family is intended as consisting of a maximum of 2 adults and 2 children. For each additional child a fee of € 20 applies. This fantastic workshop is recommended for children of at least 5 years of age. We are waiting for you! 
Duration: 1 hour and a half

People: maximum 2 families

Cost per family: € 180

Location: Libreria Studium, Venice


The historic Studium Library

The historic Studium bookshop in the San Marco district was taken over by The Merchant of Venice and completely renovated after a project of reconcept and relaunch of the editorial and commercial offer. An intervention that strengthens its vocation as an international bookshop and enriches it with an unprecedented olfactory library. Here, in fact, you will find a room entirely dedicated to olfactory culture with specialized publications and an innovative reinterpretation of the ancient perfumer’s organ.

The Merchant of Venice Journal

Information, curiosities and events on the fascinating world of perfume!