Terms and conditions


1. The olfactive workshop experience, as described on the website https://experience.themerchantofvenice.com/, where the T&C can also be found, is organized, offered and promoted by The Merchant of Venice SRL, also denoted as TMOV. Held at Libreria Stadium, San Marco 337, Venice, and can be purchased only and exclusively by customers who have reached the age of majority.

2. The experience includes the services and/or the activities described on the website and in the information brochure made by TMOV: Anything not expressly indicated cannot and should not, in any case, be included in the experience.

3. The clients booking and purchasing the experience declare that they have read and understood the contents on the website and in the T&C, renouncing as of now any claim, even by way of reimbursement or compensation against TMOV.

4. In case of unexpected circumstances by TMOV (by way of example only: extraordinary closure of the Libreria Stadium or unavailability of the Brand Ambassador), the experience can be rescheduled for a different date or fully refunded to customers by their request. In case of rescheduling, there must be an agreement that takes place with the Brand Ambassador and must be carried out within 3 months from the cancellation of the first booked experience. That is, beyond this period of time, in no way will it be possible to reschedule the experience and it will be considered cancelled. In case of reimbursement, the request must be presented via email to the Brand Ambassador within 3 business days from the date of the first booked experience. That is, beyond this period of time, in no way will it be possible to reschedule the experience and it will be considered cancelled.

5. In case of cancellation by the customer, the customer must communicate their absence at least 1 business day before the scheduled date. Only and exclusively in this case will it be possible to reschedule the experience. Beyond this period of time, customers will no longer have the right to make economic or other claims, including reimbursement or compensation against TMOV.

6. Clients can book the experience up to 5 business days before the first scheduled date set by part of TMOV. In case of no payment and booking of the experience within this period, customers waive any claims against TMOV.

7. The website expects the booking of multiple dates and the indication of which portion of the day the client intends to book the experience. The clients are expected to scrupulously respect the chosen date and time agreed with the Brand Ambassador, waiving any claims against TMOV in case of errors in selecting the date and time and/or in the absence from the experience for the chosen dates and times. In the case that the client is absent from the experience (by way of example: absence without notice), the customer accepts as of now that in no case will there be a reimbursement of the expense incurred.

8. Clients must make the payment by or any time before the day of the experience. No payment will result in the exclusion of the client from participating.

9. The website indicates all the prices and other further costs for participation. Therefore, clients who book and/or request to participate must follow all instructions written on the website and in subsequent emails for the completion of the purchase to proceed with the requested payment amount according to the times and methods provided by the website.

10. After the payment, TMOV will send a voucher that will be used to have access to the experience.

11. Clients are responsible for showing a copy of the voucher for the experience in paper or digital format in order to have access and/or otherwise enjoy the experience, recognizing and accepting that the inability to show the voucher could result in the exclusion of the client from the experience. In case of exclusion due to missing proof of requested documents, clients accept as of now that in no case will they receive a reimbursement of incurred expenses.

12. Clients recognize and accept that TMOV allows the possibility to film, share and publish on any medium and/or send images/videos/screenshots in any form, and in general, of any content from the experience only and exclusively for personal use. The dissemination of the above-mentioned contents on any means and/or sending the contents in any form for commercial use linked to third parties is prohibited.